The Secrets To Hiring A Graphic Designer

In a world of creative professionals, it can be difficult to find just the right person for the job.

The relationship between a client and their graphic designer must be positive, collaborative, and most importantly, successful!

Good graphic design requires a creative professional. There is a major difference between a $50 logo you can purchase online and a $500+ logo that has been customized for your businesses. Good graphic designers know the best approach to communicate your products and services to your target market as well as what your competition is doing. This will help them set you apart from others. They also come up with multiple design solutions for you to choose from. Above all else, they will develop your projects in the proper professional software and ensure you have all of the file types you need for future use. Having the file types you need is important to ensure your project is printed properly, displays correctly online, or will allow you to use your new logo in any way you choose.

Here are some th­ings to look for when hiring a graphic designer:

          1. Passion – A designer with great passion for their work will jump into each project with gusto—eager to create something above and beyond! A great graphic designer will first and foremost live and breathe design. Fast turnarounds and multiple deadlines are common in the design world. A great graphic designer is committed to their job and able to manage their time successfully while completing multiple projects at the same time.
          2. Style – Every designer has his or her own personal style. It is important that you do not hire a designer with the style you personally like, but rather the style that best represents your brand.  For example, if you’re looking for a very clean corporate style, do not hire someone whose portfolio is filled with urban flashy designs. By choosing a designer based on the design style you need, you have a better chance of getting the design you need. Because this style is comfortable to them, they will most likely provide you with superior work that you will love.

Here are examples of 3 different design styles:

Hand Drawn/Eclectic



        1. Versatility – Although designers usually possess a distinctive style, it is also important to offer a wide range of options that can appeal to different target audiences. Find a designer who can knock out a great logo and create a killer annual report—not someone who’s only comfortable when they’re doing the same old thing.
        2. Attention to Detail – Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. Whether it’s a more intricate background pattern, an eye-catching type treatment, or even a simple photo enhancement—a great designer will do everything in their power to make sure that each part of the design is equally successful.
        3. Creativity – In the world of design, creativity is a cornerstone for success. Look for a designer who has fun with their work. You want someone who’s always thinking outside of the box, eager to create something remarkable!

Do not waste money hiring a family friend, or hiring someone without checking their credentials. You will end up having to pay someone new to start over from scratch. You want to put your best foot forward when launching a new business or releasing marketing collateral to your customers.

-Stay Creative