5 Ways to Make Your Packaging Design Stand Out

With so many products available to catch the consumer’s eye, packaging is important to make your products stand out above the rest. Here are 5 ways to help you create packaging that pops.

Pick Attractive Colors



Color is one of the most important elements when it comes to designing your packaging. Color not only makes a design pop, but also gives and tone and a unified appearance. Take the time to pick out the best colors for your product. When picking, keep in mind of your brand and target audience.


While White packaging is often characterized as basic and unadventurous, it can also represent new beginnings. If your product has something to do with cleanliness, purity or simplicity, consider using white as a right color choice.


To convey power in your packaging, black is the color you should use. It can add a mystery and intimidation to you design as well, but if used sparingly, black can also represent elegance.


Build consumers trust with the color blue. This color evokes a sense of reliability and strength. Go for a darker blue if you want a package design that is more professional. Go lighter for a more creative design. Blue also often attracts a more mature crowd.


For a pop of energy and excitement use the color red. To create a luxurious feel with red, go darker. Add gold or silver details to increase the perceived value.


Green creates a packaging that will represent a balanced, calming design. If you want to show that your product is natural or organic use the color green. Dark green can also be used to show wealth and add a professional quality to your package.

Use Legible Type


Consumers usually spend only a few seconds looking at a new product. This doesn’t give you much time to hold buyer’s attention, so make sure everything is compelling and easy to read. Avoid using fonts that are difficult to read. You also want to select a color that stands out from the cover packaging, but doesn’t clash. The front of the packaging should include only the most essential information.

Design With the Store in Mind


Like an art display, it’s important to keep in mind where your product is going to be sold. For example, if you’re designing a package that will need to be displayed in the freezer section of the grocery store, think about how the doors might obscure your design. Or consider the tags or shelving where your product will be displayed. Keeping these things in mind will help you design a more attractive package.


Stay Current


The old saying “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t apply to package design. Because design trends are constantly changing and it’s important that your packaging stays current to grab consumers’ attention. Consumers are looking for designs that look new. Staying current also means listening to what buyers have to say about your design and making modifications to accommodate changing trends.


Use Premium Quality Materials


Finally a good design will only attract attention if it’s made with quality materials. Often, consumers pick up products to get a better look. How the packaging feels will play a big part in whether or not someone buys your product. Think of it like this: you want the quality of your package to reflect the quality of your product. If a consumer sees how much effort you put into the packaging, they will assume that much, if not more thought went into creating the product.

When it comes to creating a packaging that will stand out, it’s all about picking the right colors, keeping your design simple, and using quality materials.

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