When to REBRAND your business

When to Rebrand Your Business

Do you notice when one of your favorite companies makes changes to their branding? Whether it’s just a font change or a complete identity redesign, many companies update some part of their branding, if not entirely. But how did they know that it was time to make the change? This week we’d like to clue you in on when you should consider rebranding your business.

When Your Brand Doesn’t Align with Your Image

When Your Brand Doesn’t Align with Your Image

Although you may have an honest company that you take pride in, your brand can unintentionally find itself with a bad reputation. If your audience has an unappealing image of your company, it may be time to rebrand. Take Burberry, for example. In England, Burberry became the dress status symbol associated with gangs and violence. It was such an issue that pubs banned Burberry clothing on their premises, which then lead customers to steer themselves away from the brand in fear of being associated with negative labels.

Burberry realized the solution would have to be a rebrand. They aggressively sought out to position themselves as a high-end luxury brand through campaigns and advertising. With time and association with the right celebrities, they were able to rewrite their reputation. If your company is in a similar situation, don’t remain shackled to a bad reputation. Try rebranding to adjust your audience’s view of your company.

When Seeking Out a New Demographic

When Seeking Out a New Demographic

We’re all familiar with PBR, Right? It’s the cheap beer you find at parties or witness hipsters ironically drinking. But did you know that in China, a bottle of PBR will cost you $44 and is known as Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844? That’s no type-o, forty-four hard-earned dollars (or Renminbi since you’re purchasing this in China.) In Chinese advertisements, you can see that the lager is packaged in an elegant bottle positioned next to a champagne flute and in front of barrels as if its a scotch. 

So why are they able to charge this much for a single beer in China? What’s the philosophical saying? “Don’t hate the player, hate the game?” It is important to note that Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844 is a different brew sold only in China, which we are only going to assume means that it is higher quality. Otherwise, that would be a total rip-off. In China, the beer is branded as a “world-famous spirit”. Knowing the cultural fondness for trophies and awards, the Chinese distributor has cleverly positioned the brand to be the lager of winners. Brands are more successful if they make sure they understand their target audience before trying to market to them.  As your company expands to new markets, don’t stick with your current branding if it does not cater to your new audiences. 


When You Don’t Stand Out From Your Competitors 

Differentiating yourself from your competitors is one of the most important things to keep an eye on. If your branding is too similar to other businesses, you are putting yourself at risk. The same can be said for having a generic logo or usage of stock art and photography in your advertising. Breathing life into your brand when it begins to feel outdated is an excellent way to maintain relevance and originality while keeping up with current trends. Even something as simple as updating your font or your graphics can have a massive impact on your business. Airbnb is an excellent example of this. They have updated their logo several times to become more relevant. Their most recent logo redesign greatly increased their visibility and their notoriety as a brand. If you feel your brand doesn’t quite stand out in the crowd, make a change. 

Rebranding is a huge decision that can make or break your company. Just ask GAP. In 2010, GAP unveiled its rebranded logo that would lead to “GAPgate” and live on in infamy. It would last a total of 6 days before it was eventually reverted back to the original logo, yikes. We know that a well-executed logo design is absolutely important but it is not the only way you can rebrand your business. Burberry was able to reposition its campaigns to speak to its desired audience and PBR was able to utilize a rebrand with its formula and packaging. There are countless creative ways to maintain your voice and relevancy. Are you in need of an update with your brand? Contact us, we’re happy to help.