4 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Online

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4 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Online


For a small business, online marketing might seem like a scary thing. You may not know where to start. What social media sites will work for my business? What kind of content should I put on a blog? How do I know if what I’m doing is creating positive results? In order to get started, we’ve come up with a list of common mistakes to avoid for those who just started marketing online and for those looking to see if they’re headed in the right direction.



Don’t Start Without a Content Strategy

Just like you wouldn’t create a website without a plan, you shouldn’t start online marketing without a strategy. An online content strategy is like an outline; it should include information on your audience, your main goals, and the direction in which you want to take your content. Your strategy should be something you can always refer back to if you have any questions. The more detailed the better.


Do Create Engaging Content

One of the biggest mistakes businesses new to online marketing make is modelling their content after advertisements. Too much self-promotion will cause your audience to lose interest. Your audience wants to be engaged and entertained. If you provide information that’s useful to your audience you’ll build a reputation as being an expert in your industry, at the same time making consumers more comfortable with your business.


Don’t Expect Results Right Away

Like marketing in general, online marketing takes time. While producing content for a blog and social media may be more immediate, don’t expect to see results right away. Often companies who don’t see instant results will get discouraged and quit too early. Just be patient. Online marketing is about building a connection and that takes time. The process may take longer than you expect, but the results are worth it.


Do Interact on Social Media

Social Media is more than just a medium to spread your content; it’s also a way for you to respond to positive and negative comments from customers. While staying silent may seem like the wisest way to go, it will frustrate customers to have their questions and comments go unanswered. When creating a content strategy, make sure to create a plan to deal with negative comments. Look at these negative comments in a positive way; if you can resolve the issue, future customers are more likely to do business with you because you are willing to fix issues.

By avoiding these common mistakes you can feel confident that your online marketing is going in the right direction.

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-Stay Creative, The Juicers