5 ways to Market during a pandemic

5 Ways to Market During a Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are no longer “business as usual.” It’s difficult to gauge our next move as the world changes around us. An unpredictable economy can result in lost opportunities, but can also create new opportunities for your business. Now is a great time to re-evaluate your marketing strategies and improve wherever necessary. Marketing your business during a pandemic is all about timing, clear communication, and maintaining good customer service. Here are some tips to help your business stay on track:

don't stop communicating


 In these times, your relationship with your clients is more important than ever. Addressing the pandemic lets them know that it affects you too, and emphasizes that you are making the effort to adjust accordingly. If your business usually promotes products, services, and other relevant content, keep the posts consistent. You should reassure your audience that you are still operating your business and providing a quality service despite any physical changes in location. Any non-business related content should be positive and sincere – remember this is a difficult time for many, and reading the room is key when it comes to what you post. This lets your customers and clients know that you empathize with their situation and are sensitive to their needs.

collect and analyze data


Now is the time to examine and re-evaluate your clients’ needs. Data analytics help with filtering and forecasting the relevant content for your clients. It allows you to test any ideas you have for marketing your business on a smaller scale. By collecting data and analyzing sales, social media engagement, website visits, and other metrics specific to your business, you can make the necessary adjustments to your strategies and discard the ideas that don’t work. Comparing pre-pandemic and post-pandemic consumer behaviors is another way to collect data for your business. This helps you to quickly determine what works for your business so that you can best reach your target audience.



It’s imperative to be smart about who you market to and how you market to them. Some businesses – including food delivery services, video communications platforms, and e-commerce websites – are benefiting the most during the pandemic. Current self-quarantine and isolation preventative measures have provided the perfect environment for home entertainment. Streaming platforms have seen an increase in subscriptions, as they now have a much larger audience. Think about how your business can create engaging content for your consumers across as many platforms as possible. Informative blog articles and entertaining social media posts can help your business stay relevant to your consumers who continuously seek fresh content.

optimize your content


With people spending even more time on various online and digital platforms, this is a chance to improve your digital communication. Does your business have a brand strategy that maintains consistency across multiple channels? Developing a social media strategy that engages with current and potential consumers benefits you in the long run. Your website should provide a seamless user experience that includes easy navigation, strong search functionality, a comprehensive FAQ section, and clear steps on how to buy your products and services. Offering online presentation services and webinars is a good option for those who want to learn more about the nature of your business. It’s important that the voice of your business provides the same consistent message on your website, mobile app, and social media.  

improve your relationship with clients


You can improve existing relationships with your audience by making it easier for them to connect to your business. Prioritizing and scheduling clients for more efficient transactions, setting up virtual meetings, and introducing a customer service number can help bridge any communication gaps. Being responsive to consumers on their preferred platform is a must – by respecting their platform of choice (such as social media or email), it shows respect for their needs and helps them to develop a deeper sense of trust for your company. Offering new products or discounted services can also help solidify the relationship.

It can be difficult to plan ahead during these unprecedented times, but that doesn’t mean your business has to take a major hit. With careful planning, open communication with your consumers, and a little adjustment to your brand strategies, you can stay afloat and even grow your business during the pandemic. Timing is everything when it comes to success.

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