A Foolproof Formula for Creating a Brilliant Brand Strategy

You don’t start a road trip without mapping your route. Just like road trips, you need an outline before you can build a brand for your business. Think of a brand strategy as a road map to your business. Not only does it keep you on the right path to achieve your goals, but it also sets the groundwork for your brand so you can stay consistent throughout every aspect of your business. These quick steps will help you create the complete brand strategy you need.



Decide On a Purpose

A brand needs to have a purpose; without one you can’t plan your direction or set goals. While the underlying purpose of operating any business is to make money, it’s important to go beyond that when you start to think about your company’s purpose. A purpose can be the reason why you started the business or the overall benefit that you wish to provide customers. However you decide to define your brand, remember that it needs to be something that sets you apart from your competitors.



Develop a Personality

As you’ve probably learned, a brand is more than a business name and logo. Your brand needs a well thought out personality to be considered complete. Many elements go into creating your brand personality; it’s how your employers interact with customers, how you write your content, and many other factors. When you start to think about the tone of your brand, take your audience and industry into consideration. What type of language or emotions will your audience relate to? Here are a few areas that can help you build your brand’s personality.


Customers are interested in a company’s story. They want to know what drove you to start your business. Telling your story brings out your personality because it allows people to see your values and business environment.

Positioning Statements

A positioning statement is what makes you unique and describes the value your product or service to customers. Once you’ve established your positioning statement, incorporate it throughout your business.

Get Employee Involvement

Your company’s personality isn’t simply how you write content or the style of your website, it’s also how you interact with customers. All your employees, whether they work directly with customers or not, should know your personality and how to incorporate it when communicating with customers.



Use Emotion

 People often make decisions based on their emotions. It’s important that your brand strategy builds an emotional connection to your audience. Make it clear what the emotional benefits of buying your products or services are. By connecting to your audience on a deeper, emotional level, you can build stronger relationships and turn your existing customers into endorsers of your brand.



Be Flexible

 In this fast-paced world, things are constantly changing. It’s important that you keep an open mind in order to stay relevant. Flexibility is important. It’s also crucial to understand that your brand strategy is not set in stone; you can always make adjustments to it as new best practices are discovered or when your business grows.


Now that you’ve got the formula to create a brilliant brand strategy, use it to help grow your business.


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