Branding your next event with snapchat filters

Branding Your Next Event with Snapchat Filters

If you’re planning a corporate event of any kind, you usually don’t want to skimp on marketing and planning. To get the word out, you might use an email invite, email blast, a Facebook event, print advertising, a bulletin board at your office, and so on. Once the event is happening, you might take photos or videos to post later, but what if you could share the experience live with those not in attendance in a way that is fun and powered by your attendees? One platform you might not want to leave out of your marketing efforts is Snapchat.


For starters, what is Snapchat?

It’s a mobile app that lets you send live snapshot photos and videos (in addition to text and emojis) to friends, family, or your consumer. As a company and as a brand, one way you are able to reach your consumer through Snapchat is with Geofilters.


Okay, what’s a Geofilter/filter?

Geofilters are overlay images in the app that can be specific to a geolocation or community. These filters can also be designated for your own promotion or event. Once you take a photo or video on Snapchat, a user can swipe their screen to find out what geofilters are available in the area they are currently in. The user can then post it to their Story for all their friends to see. Depending on a user’s privacy settings, these Geofilter tags can show up collectively when users are in the same area.

Snapchat has recorded over 200 million active users every day. With those numbers, why would you not want to make your brand more visible on the Snap? You, too, can create an overlay image and use it as a Geofilter for your next corporate event. Here are just a few reasons to consider a filter for your next event:

  • Make your event stand out. Users take notice when a company has (or sometimes hasn’t) taken the extra step to impress their attendees.
  • Use your own filter for brand exposure. For event attendees that use your filter on their photo or video and post it to their story, you are then being exposed to all of their friends on Snapchat. Many of those exposed will see your custom filter and maybe curious to find out more, whether it’s about your company, the event itself, or the location it’s happening at. Geofilters for your events equals reaching more of your target audience.
  • Offer exclusives. You can do sneak peeks or behind the scenes footage of your event, giving a variety of new users and your target audience a different vantage point of your brand, one that will likely make them feel more connected and engaged. Plus – who doesn’t love to feel like they’re behind the scenes?
  • Share your brand experience. Your attendees that use your custom-designed filter will be sharing in their experience of your event to their friends. This is not only live promotion of your event but it also helps communicate what it’s like to engage with your company from a user or consumer’s perspective.
  • Just because it’s a Snap doesn’t mean it can’t last forever. Snapchat has a feature where you can save and download your Story to your phone. If your attendees are having that great of a time at your event and want to save the memories, they can save their Story video, share and upload it to other platforms – taking your branding with them.


There are many ways to benefit your brand with Snapchat and these ways are specific to your needs and what you’re looking for. Social media is really what you make it and Snapchat isn’t an app you want to brush to the side.

Interested in finding out more about implementing Geofilters for your next big event? Visit Snapchat’s Geofilter site to find out design specifications and pricing. And for your next event, don’t forget a strategically designed and branded Snapchat filter.