Get creative with content marketing

Get creative with content marketing!

Surveys have shown that 84% of millennials distrust traditional advertising. And while some organizations might view this trend as a deeply concerning threat to their business model, true innovators are excited about what the future of marketing holds.

Gone are the days in which companies could simply repeat the same stale message time and time again, confident that consumers would eventually take heed and buy what they are selling. New generations are much more influenced by organic content — that is to say, blogs, images, videos, and podcasts that provide value rather than aiming to make a sale.

The exact definition of “value” in the last sentence can be pretty broad: informative blog posts provide value, for example, but so do hilarious memes and inspiring videos. In short, the true litmus test content marketers should be applying to everything they create is “would I actually want to watch/see/read this?”

By consistently producing content that merits a sincere “yes” to the question above, organizations can build their brands much more effectively than they could through advertising. And though content marketing doesn’t lead to immediate conversions in the same way that advertising can, it will, over time, help your target audience to see your brand as a personality, as an authority, and as a friend.

At any rate, that’s enough marketing theory for now — let’s take a quick look at a few concrete ways of actually creating content that contributes to your brand in a unique and creative way:

Show Your Audience Behind The Scenes

This doesn’t need to be some crazy, over-produced video that shows how awesome and perfect you and your company are. In fact, simply snapping a couple of pics of your team working, or writing a blog post about how you manage your schedule will probably be a lot more authentic and engaging.

Share Some Stats

Everyone likes cool infographics — the problem is that research isn’t always fun, and design isn’t always easy! If you’re willing to put in the work, though, you can create beautiful and informative representations of stats that people really do care about. (This kind of content is also very shareable, FYI.)

Publicize Customer Feedback

Did you get a glowing review from a super happy customer? First of all, congrats! Second of all, take advantage of the positive attention and share that feedback. (With the customer’s consent, of course!) This is the best way of bragging because you’re using someone else’s words, not your own.

Turn Events into Blogging Gold

Over the course of a year, you and/or your employees are bound to attend a few exciting functions — from conferences, to trade shows, to community events. Whatever the case may be, these are all fantastic opportunities to do a bit of citizen journalism and write about it! This article will be almost automatically interesting to many of the people who attended the event with you, which means it has a great chance of getting shared and seen by a wide audience. If nothing else, what cooler way to follow up with a new contact than to send them your piece about the event where you met?

Compare and Contrast Different Products/Services You Offer

This is a bit of a risky move because when executed poorly it can seem overly self-promotional. However, an honest side-by-side comparison of what you do (perhaps sprinkled with a healthy dose of humor) can be a great way of showing your audience what you do without telling them.

Write a Review

We all love to rave and/or criticize every now and then — so why not write your thoughts down, organize them, and share them with the world via the company blog? Any book, product, article, or ad relevant to your industry is definitely fair game!

Highlight a Rockstar Customer or Client

Case studies are one of the best ways of building brand authority — and this is one form of self-promotion that is definitely interesting enough to be justified. If you’ve worked for a famous company, an industry celebrity, or a literal rockstar, then let the world know by highlighting your experience!

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