What Facebook Taught Me

What Facebook Taught Me

As mentioned in our weekly Newsletter, Creative Juice’s CEO, Octavia, and Social Media Intern, Brooke, attended a sold-out National Small Business Week event hosted by Facebook and Instagram. The first week of May was National Small Business Week, a week that celebrates America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners. Read on to find out what we learned…

1. Photo & Video Editing Has Never Been Easier
The options for different types of content you can post have greatly expanded with the increasing popularity of photo sharing platforms like Instagram; no longer are you confined to a basic photo. Instagram had a photo light box set up where representatives helped us take the perfect photographs and experiment with editing options. A light box is small in size and helps your product stand out, adding brightness and a level of professionalism. By experimenting with taking photos at different angles and using props, we learned how create an exciting Instagram post. Photo editing apps such as Legend, Adobe Post, and Hyperlapse make it easy to create eye-catching graphics. The days of boring posts are over.

2. Blueprint is Your Advertising Angel
Blueprint is Facebook’s new training module for advertising on Facebook. Finally all your Facebook advertising questions will be answered. With more than 50 eLearning modules, Blueprint is very comprehensive and beneficial to anyone looking to get the most out of Facebook. The Blueprint tutorials can help you become a Facebook marketing expert at your own pace..

3. Instagram Ads are Versatile
There are effective and ineffective ways to use Instagram. Since Facebook now owns Instagram, both Facebook and Instagram ads can be set up through Facebook. You can pick from multiple formats for your Instagram ad: photo, video, and carousel. To decide which format is best for you, consider if you want to tell your company’s story through an image or video, or if you want to highlight your company’s various services or products. If you choose to use a video ad, we learned that the video’s purpose should be apparent from the beginning of the video, not saved until the end.

4. Messenger is Revamping
Facebook and Messenger work together to connect your customers to your business. 900 million people are using Messenger each month but what’s important to you is that Messenger users are utilizing it to connecting to businesses. Facebook states that over one billion messages are sent between Facebook users and businesses on Messenger each month. Messenger is introducing new features such as unique usernames for Pages, Messenger Links, and Messenger Codes within the upcoming weeks. If you want to build personal connections with your clients, Messenger is a quick and direct way to achieve this goal.

5. Still Killin’ the Game
We all know that Facebook and Instagram are very popular social media platforms, but have they peaked? Is it only downhill from here? Nope. Quite the opposite… At the event, Instagram representatives told us that Instagram’s userbase covers 26 percent of the adult population in the United States and has more than 400 million users. Facebook’s userbase is even more active with 70% of Facebook’s users going on the platform daily- a significant increase from last year.

We hope that the information we have shared with you will help your business navigate Facebook and Instagram more efficiently. We are constantly looking for opportunities to gain more knowledge so that we can better serve our clients. If you’re interested in working with a small business that can boost your business, get in touch with us!