5 questions to ask before you design your logo

5 Questions to Ask Before You Design Your Logo

It’s important to understand both your business and audience before designing your logo. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you start to consider logo design.



What Key Points Should My Logo Convey?

Your logo is a message and representation of your company. It’s important that it conveys the values and emotions you want it to. Create a list of emotions and concepts you want to be represented in your logo. Keep in mind you don’t want to over-clutter your logo by trying to represent too many things, so once you have a list rank them from most to least important. This way when you start to come up with design ideas you won’t lose track of the key points you want to include.



What Is Your Brand’s Personality?

Your brand personality is important, not only does it make your business feel alive and personable, it also gives you a unique factor that sets you apart from the competition. It’s important that your personality be present in your logo because it is an extension of your brand and will be on everything from your letterhead and business cards to your social media accounts. There are many ways you can incorporate your brand’s personality into your logo. For example, you can use color, a certain typeface, graphic style, or a combination of all three to bring out your character.



What Makes Your Business Unique?

A common issue with many logos is…well they tend to look alike. Sometimes, depending on your business, there may be limited images or ideas you can use as your logo. In order to avoid creating a design that is too similar to someone else’s, it’s a good idea to think about what makes your business unique. Maybe it’s your name, or the way you package your products—whatever the case, playing on your uniqueness is what will make your logo stand out.



Is There an Image that Represents Your Brand?

An image, while not a requirement for a logo, will add interest and further explain your business. Think about the images that represent your business, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Other companies are probably using the first ideas you come up with. If you can’t think of an image that hasn’t been used before, that’s okay too. Think of creative ways to design that image or a different way to use it. For example, maybe the image can be formed in the letters of your business name.



Should I Hire a Graphic Designer?

The last question you want to answer is whether or not you should hire a graphic designer. Depending on your talents and the needs of your business, you may decide that you don’t need one. However, if budget is making you second guess hiring a designer, you may want to reconsider. A graphic designer can provide you with feedback on your ideas and give you a new perspective. A designer has experience and knows what works and what doesn’t. If you do have a smaller budget, you don’t have to go with a large marketing agency. You can hire a freelance or smaller graphic design agency to create your logo.


These five questions should help guide you when it’s time to design your logo. Whatever you decide to do, the answers to these questions will act as guidelines for your design.