All Tricks and No Treats: Marketing Horrors to Avoid

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All Tricks and No Treats: Marketing Horrors to Avoid

The days are getting chillier and the nights are getting longer – Halloween is here, and Spooky Season is in full swing. With the colossal shift to digital marketing this year, it’s easy to get caught up in the marketing tricks and forget the treats. Here are some marketing mistakes to avoid so that your brand doesn’t become a campfire horror story. 

No brand personality

One of the spookiest marketing mistakes to make is to have no clear brand identity or personality. During the months of brewing your brand’s big reveal, don’t overlook the development of your brand’s voice. This goes beyond your brand’s aesthetic – without a distinct voice, your brand can easily get lost in the sea of digital marketing. Does your target audience see you, or is your brand still in the shadows? What does your audience need, and how can your brand provide it? Make sure to clearly define your uniqueness. Let your audience get to know you through the services your offer, your style of marketing campaigns, and your strong personal relationships with your clients. Few things are spookier than a brand that looks and sounds like everyone else. Your marketing campaigns won’t be as successful as you hope if your brand’s voice is still lost in the wind. Give your audience the treat of getting to know your authentic brand! 

Information overkill

Don’t haunt your clients by bombarding them with emails, promotions, sales, and other offers. There is a fine line between consistent communication and information overload. Consistency helps to develop your brand’s reputation and allows it to speak for itself. Posting too much will annoy your audience and potentially turn away future clients. A content calendar is the best remedy for your planning and scheduling worries – there should be a good balance between social media posts and email newsletters, so your audience doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Focus on your brand’s objectives and strategically reveal what you’ve been brewing. Your audience will feel more excited about your compelling future campaigns.

Ghosting your clients

 Your follow up is just as important as your marketing campaign. It can be difficult to maintain consistent communication during heavy sales traffic, but you want to avoid ghosting your audience no matter what. Wrap up each campaign by thanking them for supporting your business. What did they show the best reaction to? This information is valuable for developing future marketing campaigns. Were there any delays on your end? Be sure to communicate that with them as quickly as possible, so they don’t feel left out or tricked. Keep your audience in the loop for your future offers. Your brand’s reputation improves when you maintain open, timely communication with your audience. 

If your brand has been a victim to these tricks with no treats, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to help!