How to Turn Followers into Leads on Your Social Media Sites

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How to Turn Followers into Leads on Your Social Media Sites


Gaining followers on social media is great. After all, it can be the first step to creating customers. But how do you move them from followers to leads? Here are a few ways to help you drive conversions from your social media sites.

Share Content

Share Appropriate Content

Followers are either passive or active. Active followers are commenting, sharing and liking content you post; so it’s important to keep followers engaged in order to get as many active followers as possible. To that end you want your content to stay relevant. Post information that somehow relates to your business. Followers will know they can refer to your page for up to date information on your industry.

Guide Traffic

Guide Traffic in the Right Direction

If followers only stay connected to you on Facebook, they are less likely to turn into leads. Your Facebook posts should link back in some way to your website. Use the right wording or incentives to get followers to click on your website. Followers need to be motivated to take that next step. Promoting deals or sales through social media is a great way to get them there. Think of it in terms of giving your followers directions; if it’s too hard or confusing they are less likely to follow them.


Listen to Your Audience

Social Media isn’t just a place for you to promote your business, but also a chance for followers to engage with you. Followers can ask questions and post their opinions about your business. This may sound bad, but it gives you the opportunity to respond. Listen to your followers and let them know their voice matters. Social media is a great space to openly resolve issues and share improvements based on the comments of your followers. The more time you invest in listening to them, the more they will be invested in your products or services.

Track Performance

Track and Measure Performance

Sometimes the most unexpected post will be the most successful, but in order to really understand which posts do well, you need to track their performance. There are analytics tools to tell you which social media platforms are getting the most traffic, and can even pinpoint which posts have led to the most leads. Crowdbooster can help you track and measure such information. Learning this data can help improve your strategy moving forward.

Keeping followers and turning them into leads is important for any business. The best, most effective way to achieve conversions is through considering the needs of your followers.

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