For the love of Branding

For The Love of Branding

It’s hard to not be in love with your audience. They’re the ones who support you and get you through the hard times. They’re your hope for the future and the source of your strength. Unfortunately, there isn’t a corporate cupid to help them feel the same way about your brand. Forging a relationship can be a delicate process but with the right techniques, you can be a regular branding lovebug.

Don’t be thirsty

You don’t want to come across as desperate for attention. Many companies are victims of treating their clientele as simply a number on a spreadsheet, only using them for their own financial gain. It’s not cute at all. Don’t think about what they can do for you, but try focusing on what you can do to make their lives better. Like any relationship, it’s all about that give and takes. Do you really know your demographic? Finding out what they’re actually looking for is imperative before matchmaking them with your own brand.

Be the best version of you

Like any romantic encounter, first impressions are important. The average consumer is constantly being bombarded with messages from other companies, vying for their attention. Carefully think of how you want to appear to them from amongst this chaos. If you appear undesirable to them when they’re first introduced to them, convincing them of otherwise becomes a struggle. Hiring a branding agency to help you shape your image is definitely one of the smartest things to do. Putting the effort into your overall appearance will make sure you look all prim and proper! Looks aren’t everything but they definitely don’t hurt.

More than just a pretty face

There’s more to branding than just how your appearance. It’s beneficial to have values, aspirations, and substance when it comes to your business as well. Take TOMS shoes, for instance. Their shoe donation platform makes their brand all about caring for others which have brought them recognition for being a kind-hearted organization. A perfect opportunity to establish your distinguishing message is through a well-developed tagline. It’s what sends your audience a message defining characteristics of yours that’ll make them want to bring you home to mama.

Brands around the world could stand to learn a thing or two from the concept of dating. Let love lift your brand up to where it belongs. Luckily, the Juicers are in love with the branding itself! Feel free to contact us if you want us to make your brand even lovelier.