How to be a Know-it-all Client

How to Be a Know-It-All Client

For the artistically-challenged, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out how to communicate to a designer just exactly what you need. “Make it flashier,” “zhoosh it up,” and “modernize it” isn’t really clear directions. The miscommunication only eats up everyone’s precious time and energy to come up with the best design solutions. Here are some helpful tips on what to know when working with creatives.

Know yourself

The first thing you must know before you commission an artist for design solutions is who you are. Designers often require this type of information so they know how to take all the characteristics of your company and translate it into something visual. You won’t always know the answers right away and that’s okay! Take a few days or even weeks to get a clear grasp of your company’s identity and what makes it better than all the others in your field.

As you do this soul-searching, try to become more aware of your likes and dislikes when it comes to visual design. Take it from us, it’s really easy to get excited about all currently existing design solutions that are found with a quick google search. Developing a refined taste and even having a few examples of what you like can give more assurance that the designer will create something you will instantly love.

Know the designer

Asking questions to the designer is one of the best ways to learn about design. They can easily clear up any confusion about the differences between fonts, clarification on design jargon, or what you should consider in a brand. Most times, a designer that you’re working with can easily explain these things so you aren’t kept in the dark about the elements of design. The knowledge of what makes effective design will immensely help you in an attempt to decide on a final design solution.   

While you might have your own personal style, be sure to ask the designer about their own personal input on whatever current choices you might have selected. Every single design choice is made for a reason, even if you don’t always find it appealing. If this happens, try to come up with comments like, “This text isn’t legible” v.s. “Make the text 50% bigger.” This type of dialogue allows for the designer to solve the problem, simply by them knowing what the particular problem is. The relationship between a client and a designer is just that; a relationship. It requires constant communication and understanding for it to be healthy and beneficial.

Know humanity

Poor relationships with a designer usually end up with either someone getting fired or someone getting famous for being terrible. Neither of those is ideal situations to be in. Luckily, most designers are professionals at their trade and strive to do their best on every project that they work on. Though the customer is “always right,” companies often choose to hire designers due to the experience that the designer possesses.

The Juicers think it’s always a pleasure to work with companies of all sorts. Feel free to contact Creative Juice with any design inquiries you might have. We strive to explain everything you need to know when you get one of our projects. Design work might seem confusing at first but, with the proper assistance, you too can be a know-it-all client.