Design: The Past, The Present, and the Future

Design: The Past, The Present, and The Future

As technology improves upon itself with each passing year, design trends often come and go. From parallax scrolling to massive hero images, there’s a variety of beautiful elements you can utilize to improve your design. The new year is rapidly approaching and, with it, comes the rise and fall of some unique design trends.

With the mass hype surrounding the app, PokemonGo, this past summer, the existence of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has become solidified in the eyes of the consumer. While we’ve heard about devices made specifically for these visual experiences, they’ve been somewhat inaccessible due to cost and a lack of demand. Putting AR in the face of the public means that in 2017, we will witness more experimentation with AR and the average smartphone. From Snapchat filters mimicking AR capabilities to cardboard VR viewers, expect so see the re-popularization of this technology.

With responsive websites becoming more of an internet standard, 2017 should usher in the need for logos to become responsive as well. Logos with too much detail don’t look appealing at smaller sizes. Currently, some websites simply hide the logo if the screen gets too small. Others would shift everything down and keep the full-detailed logo. It’s a small detail that can affect a website’s overall design. Having a logo that’s coded to automatically to transform itself could be the next big thing of the upcoming year.

Something that’ll most likely be falling out of style in 2017 is the use of logo generators and outsourcing design projects to the wrong people, such as sketchy designers found on or other design competition websites. Too many of those designers simply use pre-designed elements and plug in your specific information. This results in your stuff looking just like everyone else who came to the same source for fast and cheap design solutions. The generic public is becoming more aware of graphic design aesthetics and can easily spot out when a design is unappealing. Bad design is now a joke as people share design fails with the caption, “graphic design is my passion.” You don’t want your brand to be a laughing stock. The importance of getting actual professionals to come up with design solutions is apparent now more than ever.

Gradients will continue to make a splash of color this upcoming year in various forms. Whether it’s a color overlay for an image or a vibrant background, there’s a certain beauty in gradients that we’re just not done with yet. The once-popular flat design has slowly turned into a technique called flat 2.0, which subtly incorporates 3D characteristics, and the appreciation for gradients has re-emerged with this trend transformation. Instagram was bold enough to rebrand utilizing these bright, transitional colors. While it was met with a furious uproar, you can’t deny that the move has caused them to stand out from their other social media competitors. But will other companies take inspiration from this move? Only time will tell.

We’re ready to see what 2017 brings design-wise as we keep moving forward towards the future. Predictions can never prepare you for what actually happens, so be sure to consult professionals like The Juicers who’ll be tracking all these awesome trends year-round! Happy New Year!