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want to increase your brand awareness? Use these 7 critical strategies

Want to increase your brand awareness? Use these 7 critical strategies

Ever thought about increasing your brand awareness? If you haven’t (yet), you should. It's a process all businesses and organizations need to go through in order to grow and thrive. With so many options out there, it's hard to know which one is right for...

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5 types of blogs we are Thankful for

5 types of blogs we’re thankful for

Businesses should really take a moment and be thankful for all the blogs out there. With over 70 million blog posts being published each month, research shows the average company that blogs generates 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more indexed...

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5 simple tips to Increase Email open rates

5 Simple Tips To Increase Email Open Rates

Let's face it, email marketing is a big part of your overall marketing strategy to help grow your business. In fact, you need to have a good email strategy if you want to be able to maintain a positive relationship with your current and future...

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5 Reasons to Rename your Business

5 Reasons to rename your business

  When businesses decide to change their name, it's often referred to as a rebrand. Rebranding isn't something that you should take lightly. Deciding to change your company’s name is a decision that takes a lot of thought and careful consideration. If you do change your...

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Fascinating branding tactics that inspire growth

Fascinating Branding Tactics that Inspire Growth

Branding is about growth. You have to have a brand that resonates with consumers, captures their attention, and helps you reach your target audience. But branding isn't created overnight. It takes some serious work to make sure a brand reaches its full potential.  Branding involves creating...

How to write a Remarkable Tagline

  A good tagline is an asset to any company. Whether it’s a startup trying to differentiate itself from competitors or a small business that’s trying to get noticed, a tagline can catch a potential client’s attention and make them want more. An unforgettable tagline can...

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How to attract your target audience with your brand story

How to attract your target audience with your Brand Story

  Brands rely more and more on storytelling to engage customers and prospects. More than 80% of brands use storytelling, and research says that telling your brand story with words can increase sales by up to 111%. But telling your brand story isn't just about marketing....

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Making marketing personas to level up your brand

Making marketing personas to level up your brand

Creating a brand that stands out from the crowd isn’t easy work — but with the right tools, it’s certainly possible. One asset that can help get you there is creating marketing personas. Having marketing personas is key to effectively targeting your content to your...

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Let your brand do the talking: establishing your brand voice

Let your Brand do the Talking: Establishing your Brand Voice

If you’re a marketer, you know just how important strong branding is to allow a business to succeed. One of the basics of branding is figuring out your business’ personality. Are you an informational older sibling? An entertaining influencer? A comforting best friend? These are...

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what is audience segmentation in digital marketing

What is Audience Segmentation in Digital Marketing and why should I use it?

One of your main tools when it comes to digital marketing may be sending out frequent newsletters or email campaigns. Getting your message — and product — directly to people’s inboxes is a major way to increase your brand awareness and promote your new products or services....