Atlanta Fun-Damental Advertising

Fun-damental Advertising

It’s way too easy to come across as overly-pushy when it comes to selling things to customers. In order to gain someone’s trust, remember that you’re talking to a human being who cares about, foremost, themselves. A quick way to a consumer’s heart is by appealing to their sense of entertainment. There have been quite a few successful marketing campaigns based on promoting information through fun means.

Apps like Snapchat are well-known for filters that people use to flair up their photos. Filters can either morph someone’s face or provide a festive decoration, secretly disguising advertisements as a fun photography gimmick. It might seem like a daunting task at first, however, there are design agencies (like Creative Juice for example) that can help you promote yourself through custom filters. Give it a shot! You can stir up plenty of local buzz about your business using these geographically based filters.

Powerpuff Yourself is an online game designed to promote Cartoon Network’s reboot of their hit show, The Powerpuff Girls. They created a fun generator that allowed fans to make their own stylized characters in their image. This little customization game went above and beyond the basics of marketing on Facebook. The combination of nostalgia and hype caused many people to change their profile pictures to their own “powerpuff” creations. Knowledge of the reboot thus spread due to the fans spreading the word for Cartoon Network.

Old Spice created a game called Youland to help promote their product utilizing successful elements such as memes, social media, and celebrities. Resembling a retro 8-bit game, Youland imports the player’s face and makes it that of the main character. Players navigate level after level in an Old Spice universe, giving the company the ultimate product placement tool to draw in potential customers. Utilizing the humor and craziness that their commercials are known for, design studio Wieden + Kennedy created an outlandish game for their client that makes customers interact with the brand name in an engaging and energetic way. 

You might have your own goals to increase your sales, but never neglect the psyche of your clients. When ideating different marketing strategies, you can always rely on Creative Juice to come up with the juiciest solutions. Design agencies like us have the experience and skilled staff who can create the best idea for campaigns to help you become your customer’s new best friend. Don’t be afraid to get creative!