5 Marketing Trends to be Thankful For

5 Marketing Trends to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and boy, do we have a lot to be thankful for this year. The pandemic has completely shifted the way most businesses conduct their marketing in 2020, making it a little more difficult to make an impact. And while it’s easy to get caught up with the trends that haven’t worked, let’s take some time to look at the ones that have kept us going. Here are 5 marketing trends that we’re thankful for:

Augmented Reality

With tech terms like augmented reality starting to pop up more and more, it was only a matter of time before the marketing world caught on. Augmented reality involves (you guessed it!) placing a virtual element in our reality. And in our post COVID world, augmented reality has done a great job simulating the in-house shopping experience in place of, well, the actual experience. It may not be the same as being able to touch and feel the product in question, however, it does give users a better way to ‘visualize’ and improve the overall customer experience.

Brands like IKEA, Gap, ORS Haircare, and even Home Depot use augmented reality to give users a ‘try before you buy’ experience, and it’s definitely paid off. 72% of users said they bought a product they weren’t even planning to buy because of their augmented reality experience. Augmented reality marketing has provided many brands with a revenue boost and will ultimately keep consumers coming back for the experience.

Artificial Intelligence

When you visit a website, how often are you greeted with a pop-up that says, “Welcome! How can I help you today?” If you’ve seen these, thank the new wave of artificial intelligence (AI) marketing. This form of marketing is so widely used nowadays, 2 out of 3 people interact with it and don’t even realize it. AI marketing leverages customer data and attributes, such as machine learning, to ‘predict’ the customer’s next move and help improve user experiences. 

AI marketing has been around for a few years in the form of targeted ads, but we’re seeing it more and more through the use of chatbots and social media messenger apps to improve customer service experiences. These applications strike up a conversation with the user, ‘learn’ more about what they are looking for, make suggestions based on their expectations, answer frequently asked questions, and even help increase sales. It can also help you easily build a meaningful relationship with your prospective customer. While AI marketing is a helpful tool for automation and marketing purposes – be careful – nothing beats a human touch for brand authenticity.

Content Marketing

The phrase ‘Content is King’ has been floating around the professional world for a while now when it comes to content marketing, but it is a concept that continues to prove its value as time goes on. Apart from generally boosting SEO rankings, content marketing is essential for establishing trust, credibility, and in some cases, customer loyalty. 

The types of content can range from eBooks to blog posts to podcasts, but it gives your audience knowledge that you are a thought leader in your field. That being said, there is a LOT out there, and Google has started to figure out how to weed through content that doesn’t offer enough value or satisfy user intent. Careful thought about how to curate your brand’s content for your audience will ensure you keep evolving and engage new customers.

Video Marketing

Technically, this piece could be under the ‘Content Marketing’ umbrella, but it’s changed things so much, we’ve singled it out. Video marketing specifically has become less of a trend and more of a necessity in today’s world. And thank goodness it has! Many brands have started thinking outside of the box when it comes to videos, breathing new life into their image. People tend to engage more with video content because they find it more compelling – in fact, 68% of users said they prefer to learn about a new product or service from a video than other traditional methods (infographic, article, etc.). This has opened up many companies’ marketing strategies to new possibilities – webinars, live video Q & A, tutorials, vlog updates, and more. 

Video marketing is widely present on LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, and these social media sites further encourage audiences to share content amongst one another. 70% of people say that they’ve shared a brand’s video with others, and 52% say seeing a video actually increased their confidence and positively influenced them to purchase or use a product or service. Not only that, but websites with video have up to 50 times more search traffic than those that don’t. So whether your marketing is more active on social media or on your company website, video is the way to go.

User Generated Content

For brands that are tapping into the Millennial and Gen Z markets, this one’s for you. User generated content has become more popular amongst younger audiences, particularly those on social media. It’s effective because not only can you promote your services through your campaign, but you also benefit from your customers spreading awareness to their circles as well. And since consumers trust fellow users more than brands, a user generated content campaign can prove to be one of the most effective marketing tools in your arsenal.

User generated content is so successful because of its authenticity. Consumers want real opinions about products and services, free from brand influence. Offering incentives for consumers to share their experiences provides you with a better chance of engaging with current customers and spreading trust amongst potential consumers. User generated content can range from blog post comments and testimonials to photos and videos. In many cases, 70% of users will spend time reading and considering user generated content before making the decision to purchase a product or service. Don’t be shy about asking your users to get involved with comments and reviews.

It’s important to implement a brand strategy that helps your brand stand out. If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to market your brand, but you’re not sure where to start, contact Creative Juice today. We’ll be happy to speak with you about your marketing expectations and develop a marketing strategy that makes your brand stand out from the rest. ?